Automotive scams that you need to be aware of

Everyday there is people trying to see how to take advantage of others. We are talking about towing trucks companies. There are good ones out there and decent ones that will get you when you need them, but there are also scammers who would try everything to get more money from you.  When you have problems with your vehicle a towing truck may appear out of nowhere. However if nobody called them you might be exposed to an scam. Now, how do you find out if it’s an scam?

1- Middle man: In this case, when you get into a car accident and take the car to a san diego auto body shop,  they call the shop and tells them they have a vehicle for repair, when the paperwork is done he gets some money from the company.

2-They appear out of nowhere: If you have issues with your car and you are stuck on side of the highway, always call first the police or a towing company but never let anybody just tow your vehicle.

3-Followers: Many of them are known as followers and may work for a local body shop.

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